After spending over 30 years in the medical device industry, I decided to venture into the world of Estate Planning. An after-dinner conversation with friends drove this. 

It became apparent that out of the 12 people that sat around the table only 2 had actually written a Will. Most of us had thought about it but not actually taken the time to complete it. So with time on my hands, I started to research Will Writing and Estate Planning and discovered that over 27 million adults in the UK did not have a Will. 

What was more concerning was the amount of Inheritance Tax that HMRC had received from estates in the UK, in excess of £5 billion. A large amount of which could probably have been legally avoided with professional support and guidance.

It is now over 36 months since I spoke to my first clients and I have so far clocked up over 200 hours of learning and become part of one of the fastest-growing franchises in England, Maplebrook Wills. We are professionally trained and focus on each of our local communities. 

The franchise is part of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and adheres to its strict guidelines. We are usually more competitive than a high street solicitor and all documents produced are compliant with all government guidelines.

So if you have thought about writing a Will or Power of Attorney, or considered your inheritance tax liability and care provision, please give me a call. I offer free home consultations (covid restrictions allowing) or video calls. It is never too early but can be too late.


Signing a Contract